Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teaghan's Birthday - Redwood City

With baby number 3 due at any moment, we kept Teaghan's 4th birthday celebration mellow. We had a few folks over on Saturday afternoon in Redwood City.

Ryan, Ray and Teaghan paly with the moon sand. The kids love this stuff, and it sounds good on paper, but we're still finding it all over the house. Buyer beware!

Anne shows off her beautiful cake.

Teaghan blows out her candle and admires the many Elmos.

Gracie is ready to party!

Teaghan enjoys her cake.

And so does Maeve.

Dan and Nora bought Teaghan this cool baskeball hoop which was a bit tricky to get through the door. But Dan succeeded!

Teaghan takes the ball to the basket...

...and throws down a monster slam!!!

Kathy and Anne partying it up 'Lavelle' style!

Nora takes it to the hoop with AUTHORITAY!

Gracie sneaks off to eat her cake in peace.

Las Lavelles Mujeres en el sofá.

Bill with his three favorite things in the world (Gracie, Nora Jane and Beer). Ok. Kathy is on the list too. Let's try that again. Bill with three of his favorite things in the world.

Marisa wows the kids with her bubble blowing skillzzzz....

Nora Jane wraps up the day with her million dollar smile.

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