Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More pics on Thursday

I promise!


We had some nervous moments during Anya's first week. On the last day in the hospital, the pediatrician noticed a pop in her right hip, which can be an indicator of hip dysplasia. Two days later, our family doctor was able to replicate the pop pretty easily. She was able to get us scheduled to see a specialist two days later. Thankfully, she has only a mild case of hip dysplasia in her right side. She'll have to wear what we're calling 'lederhosen' for at least 6 weeks, but hopefully that will be it. After just a week of wearing her harness, the doctor noticed improvement, so things are looking good. She has to wear the harness 24/7, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all, and although it's a chore to change her clothes, diaper changes aren't that big of a deal.

Also, it doesn't affect your ability to hold her, so if you get a chance to see her over the next month, don't be shy!!!

Here are some pics.

The Lederhosen (and Cookie Monster).

The harness keeps her leg at this angle so the hip can grow and strengthen itself. It seems to be doing the trick.

Teaghan and Maeve say 'hey' to their sister.

Teaghan shows off her new hairstyle.

Maeve demonstrates what she considers to be proper baby holding etiquette in an effort to gain the privilege of carrying Anya around the house. Close. Oh so close. But not quite, Maeve. Not quite.

Coming Home

We seem to be getting the hang of three kids now. It wasn't easy with Daddy getting the flu the day Anya was born, but we made it. Anne is hanging in there as far as lack of sleep goes, and is having a blast getting back on the exercise bike and going out for runs. Teaghan and Maeve are wonderful big sisters and haven't asked to send her back yet.

So let's go back a few weeks and see some homecoming pics...

Teaghan and Maeve act as the security detail as Mommy gets the first class treatment on her way out of the hospital with Anya.

It's always shocking how small they are (which is easy for Daddy to say...)

Great Grandma Joanna and her namesake.

Papa Jack and Granddaughter number three.

Grandma Bernie and her latest Grandchild.

Papa John is loving his little Anya, and she's throwing that love right back at him.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Anya Pics

It started out in deep fog in Redwood City on Friday morning.

Anne prepares to enter the hospital for her third delivery. By her editorial consent, this is the last image you'll see of her until she returns home on Sunday.

Daddy and his three girls. Teaghan, Daddy, Maeve and Anya.

Teaghan is loving being a big sister. As a 4 year old with Anya, she is much more cognizant of what's going on, and she's' loving every minute of it.

This kid has some big feet!

Grandma Joanie holds grandchild number 3!

Maeve is also loving her baby sister, but we'll see how things change when Anya comes home, and doesn't leave....

I'm serious about those feet!

Michael Jordan, eat your heart out!

Goodnight Daddy, I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Mommy and Anya are both doing great.

Anya Joanna Lynch


More pics tomorrow. Daddy's exhausted...

Anya Joanna Lynch

She's here! 7 pounds 13 ounces. Pictures later!

9.5 cm

Almost there, which is easy for me to say.

6 cm

Here we go!

Epidural time

Here comes the pain.

The water has been broken

Things 'should' speed up now...

Moderate contractions have started

They are going to break the water soon. We're getting closer.

Mild contractions

The pitosin drip is still in and minor contractions have started, but no sign of baby yet.

the pitoson iv drip is in

7:30 am Update

We just got word that they have space for us. So we're heading in...

Los Lynches

7:30 am

We're supposed to call back at 7:30 am now to see if they have room for us. Must have been a busy night in the maternity ward. Anne has been up since 2:30 am....

Los Lynches

Thursday, February 7, 2008

No baby yet (Thursday Night)

It looks like we'll be heading in at 6am on Friday morning to induce labor. We'll keep you posted!

Los Lynches

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 cm

Baby number 3 is taking its time in getting here. Daddy is on call. Poor Mommy is sick with a cold and coughing up a storm. But still, no sign of the baby. If she's not here by Thursday, we're going in on Friday to induce. So either way, it won't be much longer.

Anne looking beautiful by the fire.

Baby number three looking beautiful in Anne's belly.

Maeve. Celebrity.

Somebody likes playing dress up. I'll give you one guess who it is. Here are some hints.

Who is that mysterious woman behind the glasses!?

Whoever she is, I bet she's famous!


Anne's friend Anne from Stanford came over for dinner the day after Teaghan's Birthday. Well, dinner was the stated reason. I think she just wanted to make the blog. And she did! Dreams come true every day on!

Anne, Teaghan, Anne, Maeve and a carrot. (Don't ask).

Teaghan's Birthday - Saratoga

With Grandma Joanie recuperating from her surgery, we headed down on Sunday to see Los Lynches de Saratoga.

SpongeBob awaits the start of the party.

Unos de Los Lynches de Saratoga en la cocina.

Teaghan eyes her second birthday cake in two days and likes what's she's seeing...

Mommy helps Teaghan blow out her candle.

Teaghan digs in.

Great Grandma helps Maeve with her lunch.

Teaghan and Daddy back home in Redwood City at the end of a long and wonderful birthday day.

Teaghan's Birthday - Redwood City

With baby number 3 due at any moment, we kept Teaghan's 4th birthday celebration mellow. We had a few folks over on Saturday afternoon in Redwood City.

Ryan, Ray and Teaghan paly with the moon sand. The kids love this stuff, and it sounds good on paper, but we're still finding it all over the house. Buyer beware!

Anne shows off her beautiful cake.

Teaghan blows out her candle and admires the many Elmos.

Gracie is ready to party!

Teaghan enjoys her cake.

And so does Maeve.

Dan and Nora bought Teaghan this cool baskeball hoop which was a bit tricky to get through the door. But Dan succeeded!

Teaghan takes the ball to the basket...

...and throws down a monster slam!!!

Kathy and Anne partying it up 'Lavelle' style!

Nora takes it to the hoop with AUTHORITAY!

Gracie sneaks off to eat her cake in peace.

Las Lavelles Mujeres en el sofá.

Bill with his three favorite things in the world (Gracie, Nora Jane and Beer). Ok. Kathy is on the list too. Let's try that again. Bill with three of his favorite things in the world.

Marisa wows the kids with her bubble blowing skillzzzz....

Nora Jane wraps up the day with her million dollar smile.