Monday, February 4, 2008

Deep Fryer

Dan and Nora gave us a deep fryer for Christmas. We immediately put it to use.

Items that have gone into the deep fryer: pork meat balls, frozen breaded shrimp, snickers, twix bars, twinkies, french fries, tater tots, chicken nuggets, mozzarella cheese sticks, pizza rolls, frozen burritos, taquitos. Essentially anything not nailed down has gone into this thing. Remember that just because you CAN deep fry something, it doesn't mean you SHOULD deep fry it. Trust me, there have been some hard lessons learned. But you can't beat perfectly cooked french fries out of the deep fryer.

There's still a standing wager for deep fried grilled cheese.... If it happens, there will be pictures. Stay tuned.


thefus said...

I hope they gave you a gym membership along with the fryer. You might as well tape those deep fat fried objects right on top of your growing spare tire.

Robert said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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