Friday, March 27, 2009

January 2009

And another month is gone gone gone gone ...

Joanna. 90+. Bowling. On the Wii. Wonderful.

Anne and Teaghan

Anne and Maeve

Anne and Anya

Anya. Pensive. Perhaps gassy.

Los Lynches were paid a mysterious visit by this rather large arachnid. He did not bring the penny (as far as we know).

San Diego Part I - Scott and Jeff

San Diego Part II - Dave and Scott (no shoes)

Shy little Maeve in her green vest.

Bill and Kathy share a moment as they pound out what can only be an 80's power ballad.

Anya figured out to crawl into Maeve's bed (much to Maeve's dismay).

Better watch out Gracie! There's a new friend in town! Annaise and Maeve.