Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Anya Pics

It started out in deep fog in Redwood City on Friday morning.

Anne prepares to enter the hospital for her third delivery. By her editorial consent, this is the last image you'll see of her until she returns home on Sunday.

Daddy and his three girls. Teaghan, Daddy, Maeve and Anya.

Teaghan is loving being a big sister. As a 4 year old with Anya, she is much more cognizant of what's going on, and she's' loving every minute of it.

This kid has some big feet!

Grandma Joanie holds grandchild number 3!

Maeve is also loving her baby sister, but we'll see how things change when Anya comes home, and doesn't leave....

I'm serious about those feet!

Michael Jordan, eat your heart out!

Goodnight Daddy, I'll see you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Lynch family!!! I am SO happy for you! Love, Sheila in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Hey! I want more pictures!!! Anya Jo must be way bigger now!