Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coming Home

We seem to be getting the hang of three kids now. It wasn't easy with Daddy getting the flu the day Anya was born, but we made it. Anne is hanging in there as far as lack of sleep goes, and is having a blast getting back on the exercise bike and going out for runs. Teaghan and Maeve are wonderful big sisters and haven't asked to send her back yet.

So let's go back a few weeks and see some homecoming pics...

Teaghan and Maeve act as the security detail as Mommy gets the first class treatment on her way out of the hospital with Anya.

It's always shocking how small they are (which is easy for Daddy to say...)

Great Grandma Joanna and her namesake.

Papa Jack and Granddaughter number three.

Grandma Bernie and her latest Grandchild.

Papa John is loving his little Anya, and she's throwing that love right back at him.

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LIfe Well Organized said...

I heard your happy news, and wanted to pass along my best wishes. Just saw the pix of Miss Anya--what a cutie! I hope mom, baby, big sisters, and Scott are doing well and enjoying family time.

Big kisses to all,