Monday, September 8, 2008

Pics, Pics and more Pics (and a few more)

You might have guessed that this posting is comprised of a number of pictures.

Anya isn't merely a firefighter, she's also the fire truck. In this action shot, she safely escorts her biggest sister away from harm.

Teaghan was a bit excited about her new AYSO soccer uniform.

Auntie Annie elicits an all time great smiley face out of baby Anya.

Daddy and his girls on his birthday. Don't they look so thrilled for him?

Anne and her beautiful niece, Gracie.

Maeve, the Princess (with party hat, because even a Princess likes to party)

I believe the children are the future.

Baby Anya, beret style.

Ok, we can all go to the pool if you just take one picture together. Wow, that was easy. Let's get wet!

Nora Jane will smile, but not while she's eating ice cream. FYI and all.

Christina holds court with the class of 2022? Ok, that's just scary.

That's a happy Teaghan if I've ever seen one.

Normally, Anya doesn't like lying on her back. For whatever reason, she was cool with it just this once. Maybe it was the turtle pillow?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the girls weren't so happy on daddy's birthday because AL GREEN was singing to (her) son that day.
But when you said SWIM LIKE A FISH they sure perked up!!! And wowee what cute bathing suits they have ;-)