Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mas Fotografias

Los Lynches get around, or so 'they' say.

We popped in at the Rosas' house for a KFC BBQ feast (don't ask about the snacker/popcorn chick incident). Here we see Anne, Anya, Alex and Jackson. Alliteration is overrated anyways.

"Are you looking at me?" "No, you're looking at me. "

Ben is searching for the missing snacker.

Is that a guilty look on Jeff's face? Are those snacker crumbs on his shirt?

Chris supervises as the Girls do their thing in the backyard.

I think Anya could have gotten the Giants 1 or 2 more victories this year. What say you?

Chris, Scott and Jeff took in day 3 of the Outland's Festival in San Francisco.

The day ended on an unbelievably sublime note as Wilco took the stage while the sun set.

Scott joined the Silver Spring company band which is known as 'The Grid' and rocked the house with his co-workers.

Grandma Joanie sat down with her youngest Granddaughter in an effort to get a new Facebook profile picture. Success!

Meanwhile Papa Jack prepared his world famous 'Jack Burgers'. As always, they were ground beefalicious.

Later on, Papa Jack and Grandma Joanie taught Teaghan and Maeve how to jump rope.

Maeve catches massive air as she attempts to clear the rope.

Little Anya continues to develop way too fast. She's already pulling herself up. She's a good two months ahead of her sisters.

And don't think she doesn't know it.

"Hey, seriously, I'm not taking questions today. "

"Hey, what's up?"

We still haven't quite figured out how to get all three girls to look at the camera at the same time. And trust me, this is the best of 10 shots. I think they do it on purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they need someone to make a funny face at them *^)
~~Al Green~~