Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A few weeks ago, Rock and Roll super group 'Carnage' made an appearance in Redwood City. This marked the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of the band members in Santa Barbara, CA back in 1988. However, the band itself wasn't formed until 1989.

Huge Carnage fans Anna and Richard show off their homemade t-shirts. They've been credited with revitalizing the band over the last couple of years. They would both later join the band as special guests.

Believe it or not, Carnage actually had an opening act this year. In their first performance ever, 'The Woodland Critters' warmed up the crowd with a strong set.

Speaking of crowd... That's unofficially the biggest audience in the history of Carnage (at least in terms of the number of people who chose to remain in earshot of the band).

Though the focus was on the music, this is an election year, and word had to go out...

The band was in solid form this year, and received at least one or two compliments from non-spouses / sober people.

Richard joined the band for a fantastic version of 'Low Budget' and jumped in to help with the chorus to 'Rockin' in the Free World'.

The band after the show. Chris, Scott, Dave and Jeff. Tested, vetted and ready for action.

Possible album cover.

The band and special guests.

The day after. The band and the crowd are gone. Memories and hang overs remain.

Here's the band performing the first song of their set, 'Hey Joe'.

Hey Joe - Carnage 2008

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thefus said...

Jimi just rolled over.

Rock on Carnage!!