Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego Vacation - Part II

continuing from where we left off...

Uncle Brian made the three mile trip to Avalon Court and played with his nieces on the beach. He appears to be trying to get the 3 pounds of sand that Maeve ingested out of her system using some sort of custom Heimlich maneuver.

Meanwhile, just outside the range of Maeve's sandy coughs, Cousin Gracie built immense castles of sand.

Later, we were joined by Auntie Kelly for a barbeque feast and a celebration of those with July Birthdays - Kelly, Bill and Nora Jane.

It's a cupcakensational celebration!

As I always say, if there's one things kids like, it's corn on the cob, as demonstrated here by Cousin Nora Jane.

They* call him the Meat Man**. We just call him Bill.

* I'm not sure who 'they' is/are.
** But I'm sure whoever they are, they really do call him the "Meat Man".

She's young, and doesn't know any better, which explains why Anya was so happy to be in her Uncle Brian's arms.

Later, Anya burned calories in her own private gym.

Maeve tried to keep up, but failed, albeit gracefully.

Each day began with coffee and Email in the Avalon Coffee Shop, aka the kitchen.

On our way to the beach, we stopped off and the kids got ice cream.

Yeah, the servings were HUGE.

As I always say, if there's one thing kids like, it's vanilla ice cream.... Wait a minute.

After ice cream we headed to the beach. The water was 70 degrees!

We dug swimming pools in the sand and let the waves fill them up.

Maeve helped wash out the buckets when we were ready to go.

At the end of the day, we walked to the boardwalk to watch the sun set. Little Anya let us know how she felt about the process.

As the sun set, Teaghan and Maeve played on the sea wall.

Just awful. Ugly. Why does anybody even come here?


Anonymous said...

Oh to be tortured by the Lynch girls and the beach all at one time... please keep up the torture ;-)
hugs to all, Al_Green

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful times, photography, scenery, etc. Thanks for sharing it with us! -t2

PS - isn't there something magical about letting kids loose on the beach to explore, have fun and just be?!?!

Anonymous said...

we wuv our uncle scott & auntie anne

Anonymous said...

what up with dat?! thanks for the ice cream....it was yummy....can't wait for carnage! xoxox gracie