Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Guy's Day Out" aka "A Day at the Rosa's House"

The day after the 4th, Los Lynches headed down to San Jose for the 76th Annual Guy's Day Out get together. Oddly enough, what started out as a true Guy's Day Out (golf, beer, etc....) has quickly evolved into a family event. The Rosas decked out the front yard with a pool and a bouncy house and served up copious amounts of delicious food and beverages.

The Rosas, the Schechtmans, the Mangalicks and Los Lynches pose for a group shot. A couple of the girls were wearing their invisible bathing suits. Thankfully, Spongebob appeared, cloned himself, and made sure everyone was decent.

The Guys. Rob, Chris, Scott and Piyush.

Uncle Chris introduced Anya to the wonders of frozen H20. It's now one of her favorite things!

The big kids sat down for some pictures too. Ahnika, Mia, Teaghan, Maeve and Ben accomodated the parentrazzi for a good 45 seconds. Way to go kids!

Betty Rosa showed off her Grandma skillz by taming Aiden and Anya. At the same time!

Meanwhile, Bosco kept watch over the yard and made sure all the kids were safe and sound. Good boy.

Here's some video footage of the kids at play in the pool and the bouncy house.

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Cheela said...

Could Anya possibly be any CUTER? I think not. And I love that term, "parentarazzi" (did I spell that right?). Hope you don't mind that I am stealing it from you, from now on ;-) You haven't gotten a copyright or trademark or anything on it yet, have you?