Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Name That Ailment

A senior member of the Los Lynches family came down with this mysterious toe ailment. Put on your best Marcus Welby M.D. / Quincy thinking cap and offer your diagnosis in the comments down below.

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thefus said...

My first guess is either spider bite or broken toe. It really depends on whose foot it is? Since it has hair it's probably Jack, so drunken toe could be the problem.

Anonymous said...

MSR aka STAFF infection. Go to the doctor to start antibiotics right away before being put in the hospital! I know I had it a couple years ago. Staff infection is almost everywhere and all it takes is a cut any place on the body for it to enter.
(Miss you Annie, need a new photo for my cube of the 3 Bugs and also your home email so that I can send a photo from Mother's Day) --Alma

Anonymous said...

Could be gout.

The always-reliable Wikipedia says "Gout is characterized by excruciating, sudden, unexpected, burning pain, as well as swelling, redness, warmness, and stiffness in the affected joint. This occurs commonly in men in their toes but can appear in other parts of the body and affects women too."

Lay off the beer and shellfish and everything will be OK.

thefus said...

After further intense diagnosis, I declare this ailment to be chilblains. Keep toe warm by putting in your mouth, do not scratch, eat lots of bananas.