Monday, May 12, 2008

More Ketchup/Catsup Part IIIIXVIIVX

Ok. I'm finally back at it. There will be incremental updates throughout the week as I make one last effort to catch up to real time again. Oh, and there will be ANOTHER hol' the baby thread for all you hol' the baby junkies (you know who you are).

Blogging, like Presidentin', is hard work!

No, Homeland Security did not finally catch up to Teaghan. She is obviously just getting ready to get her hands stamped by Miss B. at Preschool after the Father's Day Sing Along (best thing ever).

Little Anya Joanna smiles as her Great Grandma Joanna (and namesake) gives her a boost.

Miss Pretty is caught in the act doing some advertising for her birthplace.

Maeve is doing Tumbling on Tuesdays. She loooves it.

Too bad she's so timid and scared of heights!

It's never too early to train for the 2020 Redwood City Olympics (yep, RWC is so getting the games. With its "Climate Best by Government Test", where else would they go!?)

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