Monday, March 24, 2008

Lederhosen Part II

We got good news at Anya's last Doctor's Appt. Her hip is coming along nicely and we've been able to take the harness off during the daytime hours. She'll still wear it at night for the next month or so. We're hoping for more good news at her next checkup. It was great to hold her without the harness on. Additionally, the Doctor put a new harness on her at the checkup. Thank goodness, the first one was stinky!

Anya minus the harness. She still keeps her legs out like a frog!

Take the picture already Daddy, I'm not holding this pose much longer!

Anya. Love Bug.


Anonymous said...

I WANNA HOL da BABY, and am sorry that I missed holin' da baby when she made her visit to mOmMy's office :-( ~~Aloha Alma~~

Cheela said...

Another GORGEOUS baby girl! Wish I was there to meet her in person. Hope you all are doing well!