Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Maeve!!!!!!!!!!

There has been a LOT going on lately, and a bunch of updates are queued up, but we'd be remiss in not recognizing little Maeve's 2nd Birthday! If you've met her, you know what a bundle of joy she is to be around. If you haven't met her, what the heck are you waiting for!?

Happy Birthday Maeve. We love you sooooo much!!!!

Maeve and baby (God help us all if baby ever gets lost).

Fear? Maeve doesn't know the meaning of the word!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear one. Tell daddy thank you for posting today, so even if I couldn't be with you, we got to see your beautiful face, which put a smile on mine!! Lot's of love and hugs, -tami

Cheela said...

Aw, happy birthday to the little sweetheart! I wish I could meet her! Being 1200 miles away does not help with that :( But I can tell just from the pictures that she is definitely a LOVE. You and Annie give her some big kisses and hugs from Sheila, okay? My Samantha (will be 3 in June) has the "NO FEAR" thing going too -- other adults always freak out when they see what I "let" (ha! Like "let" even comes into the picture! LOL) Sammie do on the playground. She and Maeve would be quite the pair on a playdate!