Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Eve

We hosted the Christmas Eve festivities in Redwood City this year. This kicked off the non-stop Holiday madness portion of our program.

Teaghan warms up for the party with an Xmas Eve hot cocoa.

As does Maeve...

Anne busts out her delicious Holiday Cake.

Papa Jack gives Uri Gellar a run for his money.

After some initial hiccups, Scott, Jack and Bill succeeded in deep frying the turkey without immolating either themselves or the premises. It was muy sabroso (delicious).

Various Lynches, Hawkins, Lavelles et al enjoy their wonderful meal in the comfort of our family room.

Grandma Bernie, Great Grandma Joanna, Papa Jack, Papa John and Grandma Joanie pause to pose for this picture during dinner.

The whole gang stopped moving just long enough for this picture. They then fled for the comfort of their own homes to prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus.

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