Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In a lot of places, you can walk out your front door and voila, snow. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we wait in line for 45 minutes so that we can spend 5 minutes in 40 sq feet of trucked in, hard packed snow.

Maeve makes her first snowball.

Teaghan loves snow, even if she can't feel her fingers anymore!

Maeve. In the snow.

Teaghan. In the snow.

Maeve and Mommy. In the snow.

Teaghan, Daddy and Maeve. You guessed it, in the snow.

You better believe there was confusion and anger from a certain three year old when after 45 minutes in line, we were asked to vacate the snow after only 5 minutes. Such is life. Of course the free candy cane on the way out didn't hurt.

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