Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Contd.

Here are some more shots from Halloween 2008.

There was a Halloween Costume parade at Teaghan's, err, I mean Anakin Luke Teaghan's school...

Maeverbell even got to march with the big kids. She might have a 'been there, done that' look on her face, but she was thrilled to be there.

Meanwhile, Papa was dealing with bigger issues at work.

Anya Bear.

Pre-sugar high.

Queen Annie-dala in action.

Anya Bear really wanted to hibernate.

Auntie Stef displays her magic touch with Anya Bear.

And they're off!

Action shot.

Auntie Stef, Anya Bear and Uncle Colum.

After the Trick or Treating, Anya Bear was really ready to transition back to Baby Anya.

An abundance of candy.

In progress.

The End.

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