Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Joanie

Today is Grandma Joanie's Birthday. We celebrated yesterday in Saratoga. It's safe to say that without Grandma Joanie's help, Los Lynches de Redwood City would probably be living in a van down by the river right about now. Happy Birthday Grandma Joanie!! Thanks for everything you do for us!

Birthday greetings from many of Los Lynches to Grandma Joanie.

Grandma Joanie with her first born son, and two first born grandchildren.

Papa Jack is never one to pass up the opportunity to wear a Party Hat. Which led everybody to get in on the action.

Anne works the Party Hat.

Maeve with cake on her face and the Party Hat on her head.

Scott with the Birthday Hat (and Grandma Joanie's prescription sun glasses)

The Birthday Girl herself with the Party Hat.

Teaghan in action with the Party Hat.

Great Grandma and the Party Hat.

Even Little Miss Pretty got in on the action.


Anonymous said...

Anya and Great Grandma have the same hat and colored outfits on
:-) Lucky or was it planned??!!!

Nora Kiewlich said...

happy birthday grandma joanie!!!

how fun !!!