Monday, November 26, 2007

The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

We had a busy weekend before Thanksgiving. First, we attended our neighbor Cara's Bat Mitzvah. The kids had a great time watching Cara and her family celebrate her big day.

Cara Jack and family.

Although Teaghan did think it was a little LOUD.

The next day, Anne threw a brunch for her girlfriends. Annie Wen gave everyone an extra reason to celebrate by announcing her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Greg (as seen in this post).

The brunchers.

Later that day, Teaghan, Maeve and Scott celebrated their friend Taiyo's first birthday.

Taiyo. One year old. You can learn more about Taiyo here.

Let's Party!

Daddy, this is how big I want my piece of cake to be. Got it!?

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